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30. Januar 2009

Gold diggers of 1933

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Vorab ein Kauftipp: „Whispering Jack Smith“

A little over sweet sixteen,
But the cutest flapper that you’ve ever seen;
When the fellows pass her by,
She will always wink her eye,
And when she talks to them, when she walks with them,
This is what they all cry:
Does your mother know you’re out, Cecilia?
Does she know that I’m about to steal ya?
Oh my, when I look in your eyes,

Something tells me you and I should get together!
How about a little kiss, Cecilia?
Just a kiss you’ll never miss, Cecilia,
Why do we two keep on wasting time?
Oh, Cecilia, say that you’ll be mine!

Nun aber ein noch größerer Kauftipp -

Vorsicht viel „faschistoide Ästhetikentwürfe“ wie „Kritiker“ meinen. Ach wie schööön! Ginger Rogers: We’re in the Money: “The silver dollar has returned to the fold, with silver you can turn your dreams to gold.”

Gold diggers of 1933

We ´re in the money,
We ´re in the money,
We’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along!
We ´re in the money,
The sky is sunny;
Old Man Depression, you are through,
You done us wrong!

We never see a headline
‘Bout breadline, today,
And when we see the landlord,
We can look that guy right in the eye .

We ´re in the money,
Come on, my honey
Let’s spend it, lend it,
Send it rolling around!

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